Trick it is 🤡

You asked for trick so here are a few for creating your halloween looks 🎃👻🦇. 
Trick #1 How to create fake blood? 🩸
Latex fever red latex is the perfect product to use as fake blood. It doesn't dry out and will stay glossy throughout the halloween party. Another tip is to mix red eyeshadow with Infinity Glass. Not sure how to do it? See our Tiktok video for inspiration. 

Trick #2 How to create wet or gooey texturizer?🦑
For a wet or gooey look, use Infinity Glass EVERYWHERE 😉.

Trick #3 Fake blood and glitter can solve most problems ✨
If you make mistakes and are in a hurry, cover it up with fake blood or glitter, nobody will notice 

Trick #4 How to create zombie looks? 🧟‍♀️
Infinity Palette & Infinity Deep Palette are the perfect palettes for any kind of ”dead” look as they have both shading and highlighting colors. 

Trick #5 How to make your Halloween makeup stay all night? 🌙💃🏻
To make sure your makeup stays on all night, make sure to prep your skin. Start by using our hydrating face mist H2glow. If your skin is hydrated your makeup will stay on longer and be more even. The next step for a long lasting look - primers. Don't forget to prime both eyes and lips. When your are done prepping your face, it's time to create your Halloween look. If you are using cream products, don't forget to set the makeup with a matching shadow. Our Color Palette has all the colors you need. 

Trick #6 How to transform powder products into a cream product? 🤡
To create any kind of cream color for your face, mix Infinity Glass with a powder shadow. Done ✔️ Simple as that 😃.