Wedding season is here - makeup tips and tricks for bride and groom (and guest) ūüíó

Do we have any brides or grooms getting married this season? This wedding makeup guide is for you. And of course it applies to all you lucky guests as well ūüéä

Your wedding day is said¬†to be one of the best days of your life and¬†makeup can help enhance your appearance both during the day and in all the photos that will last a lifetime. We‚Äėre here to help with all the tips and tricks for your makeup to look flawless¬†throughout the whole day.

1. Make your makeup last

The key to a long lasting look is good groundwork. Start off by prepping your face with a hydrating face mist. When your face is hydrated, the makeup will get a better finish and stay on longer. Then over to another important step - priming. A primer will not only help your makeup last longer, it will also blur out pores and fine lines. Don't forget to use eyeshadow primer and lip primer. We will let the pictures below speak for themselves. 

2. Set your makeup 

It's not just prepping that's necessary if you want a long lasting look, you should also set your makeup. To set your makeup, use a setting powder on top of your foundation. For this step, we recommend our Infinity filter. It works just like a filter and erases all traces of complexions & gives the skin a beautiful soft-blurring effect without dehydrating it. Sounds good right? Mare sure to also set your lipstick and eye makeup. For this step we recommend our Blotting Powder. For lips it is all about thin layers, start with primer, then lipliner, then lipstick, set it with Blotting Powder, then lipstick again, then set it again. Might seem weird but it works. Finish your look with our H2Glow, this will both prevent the makeup from caking and give you a beautiful natural glow. 

3. Waterproof mascara

No one wants to look like a panda during their wedding day, so a waterproof mascara is truly a must. We might be a bit biased but our Infinity Power Lash Waterproof Mascara is the absolute best waterproof mascara out there. It will keep you safe for better and for worse - in pouring rain, through happy tears and blistering sunshine. 

4. Waterproof everything 

Now, speaking of the importance of waterproof mascara it might seem obvious that waterproof makeup altogether is a pretty good idea on your wedding day. Let us give you an advice - if you are going for a smokey eye or eyeliner, use our Crayons. They are both waterproof and smudge-proof and will last the entire day. 

5. Frame yourself 

If you don't want a full on glam we recommend you to focus on your brows. Brows frame and enhance your eyes as well as give proportion to your face. To upgrade your brows, our advice is to first use the dry end of our Sketch And Sculpt, to fill in your eyebrows. Then, use the liquid end to fill in any hair gaps, doing hair like strokes. This will give an illusion of more filled brows. Finish off with our Tinted Brow Gel. This will give your brows an instant lift and keep them in place all day and all night. 

6. Keep a few products close at hand 

Two products that we recommend you to have close at¬†hand during your big day are¬†lipstick¬†and¬†Blotting Powder.¬†Blotting Powder is a must for your wedding day, the perfect touch up product for shine control without resulting in¬†flashback. You don't want to ruin your wedding photos by looking like a ghost ūüĎĽ.¬†

7. Do a test run 

This advice is wether you hired a makeup artist and if you are doing your own makeup. Test your look a couple of days before so you know that you are happy with it. This will make you stress a lot less on your special day. 

8. Wear what makes you happy

Lastly, wear whatever makes you happy and comfortable. Don't follow someone else’s advice or go just for a trend. It is your wedding day and the most important is that you feel happy and comfortable. 

And hey,¬†congratulations. We wish you a beautiful wedding day ‚̧ԳŹ


Team LH cosmetics