Mar 11, 2022

8 colorful looks to be inspired by

8 colorful looks to be inspired by

When it comes to makeup, many of us end up getting stuck with safe cards and the same neutral shades. Well, as much as that a classic neutral glam always works, sometimes (or always 😜) we want to add some extra joy and color into our makeup routine. Here are 8 colorful looks you ‘need’ to try this spring. 

1. Color blocking

Pink and yellow - why not? We absolutely love this look. Use the shades "Yellow" and "Pink" from our Color Palette to create the look. 

2. Deep blue sparkle

Not feeling the bright colors? Go bold with both midnight blue and sparkle. Use our smudge-proof Crayon in “Atria Flash” to create a similar look.

3. Turquoise eyes

We can’t wait to try this look with “Phantom” and “Abstract” from our Spectral Palette.

4. Shapes and color

Color + shapes = TRUE. Remember to use a sharp brush to nail your shapes. We recommend our Liner brush 300 for this. Thanks to the elbow-shaped ferrule this brush makes a perfect tool for creating lines and dots (even the beginner will get pro results with our liner brush).

5. Hot pink for spring 💖

Always up for hot pink. Tip: A light eyeshadow base will intensify the color and keep your makeup in place and crease-free the whole day (or night).

Product recommendation - White Core Crayon. Use our white crayon to create a light base.

6. Graphic pastels 💚 💜

We get so inspired by this creative look 😍. Only your imagination sets the limit. Struggle with kajal in the waterline? Try to set the crayon with an eyeshadow in the same shade. 

7. Pop of color 💛

Feeling color, but not too bold? For the perfect little pop of color, apply ”Yellow” from our Color Palette with a brush or fingertip. Happy mood crayon is another option and works perfectly in the waterline as well. 

8. Peachy lips & statement blush

A warm, peachy look with a statement eye, say no more.