Jan 19, 2023

Make your eyes pop with color

Make your eyes pop with color
They say that your eyes are the window to your soul. Guessing that makes the eyelids your curtains... The colors you choose can affect how much attention you draw to your eyes. So, what color is the ultimate one for your eyes? We'll try to clear it out for you. 

We have a wide range of colorful palettes, like Color Palette, edgy liquid eyeshadows like Interstellar and creamy easy-to-use and award-winning Crayons such as Anger Mood, in lots of different colors, shades and tones. Everything to awake your inner creator. 

What color to use if you have blue eyes?

Orange is the optimal compliment of blue, so go bold with tones of orange. If you are up for bright colors we recommend to check out the orange shade in our Color palette, or why not use Velvet couture orange-red like Linda in the picture below. If highly pigmented orange eyeshadows is not an option for your everyday look, choose a more smoky red/brown or bronze shade with a hint of orange in it. A burnt orange shadow with hints of gold will make blue eyes pop instantly. Infinity Deep Palette offers some deeper shades and has a combination of four warmer and four cooler shades, but the warmer orange/reddish ones are a perfect choice to make those blue eyes get all the attention they deserve. If you wish to add a little golden touch to your look, The New Golden 20´s Palette is an absolute must.

What color to use if you have green eyes?

The best compliment to green is purple - such a fun color at that. Green is the most rare of the four main eye colors so if you’re lucky enough to have them, make sure they don’t go unnoticed. If a strong purple shade is not your first option for your everyday look, there are softer and more wearable violets tones of choice. Our Spectral palette includes just the tone of deep plum which is a perfect compliment to green eyes. For a more soft purple/ mauve shade use our Reload palette. 

What color to use if you have hazel eyes?

Hazel eyes are a little mysterious and can be a bit tricky because it seems they can change color according to what you're wearing. Hazel eyes allow multiple choices of compliments for your eyes, but greenish and blueish colors work best for those heavenly hazels. 

What color to use if you have brown eyes?

Lucky you, having the most versatile eye color and hence being able to wear almost any color on your eyes. Navy and dark blue shades however, make an impactful option for brown eyes. Our Color palette contains two beautiful shades of blue but remember you can always mix the shades with the white or black to create any color or shade you want.

Not convinced? Then go for subtle shadows with hues of blue, green, gold and grey tones, that will deepen those dark and often mysterious brown eyes. If you wish to add a little bronzy gold and an extra touch of luxury to your eyes, our Enchanted Mysteries Palette is the choice. This unique palette contains four magical shades, inspired by all the beautiful colors in the nature and provides a shiny, almost glossy, metallic finish. Trust us, you won't be disappointed!

Hope this helped you in choosing your favorite eyeshadow. But remember, you are the creator and whatever you feel the most comfortable in, that's what looks best on you. 


LH cosmetics team