May 11, 2022

The MET Gala look

The MET Gala look

The Met Gala is one of the most exciting events of the year and as you’ve probably already seen, Linda was there creating magic on Robert Frediksson. 

At the MET gala, no makeup is too extravagant so Linda wanted to create something that would stand out and pop - even at the MET. The inspiration for the makeup came from the outfit. 

"We really wanted to tie together the colors and shapes of the outfit with the makeup. If you look at the spikes on the outfit there are small drops/pearls at the end of every spike, which is why we used the pearls. The fade black and white was to match the colors of the outfit and to get a really intense look at the red carpet". - Linda Hallberg

Now, go create your own version of this ”most talked about MET-makeup” and share your looks with us on Instagram @lhcosmetics

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