Mar 30, 2022

Ready, set, prep - 5 ways to use our Setting Sprays

Ready, set, prep - 5 ways to use our Setting Sprays

Say hello to our new best friends, On set Long-Lasting and Prep, fix & refresh. A good prep & set is an absolute must if you're layering makeup and the best beauty hack to make your look last for hours and hours. We've incorporated strengthening and protecting skin-care ingredients to make these the ultimate multi-use mists for your makeup and skin. Here are some of our best tips 🙌

1. First things first - prep 💁‍♀️

Hold the bottle approximately 15-20 cm from your face, close your eyes and spray on your face as the first step of your makeup routine.

Use Prep, fix and refresh as a primer if you need more hydration and are looking for a more dewy base. 

Use Long-lasting as a primer if you have more oily/ combination skin and are looking for a more matte result. 

2. Do it for the glow

Summer is coming, and we are ready to shine. Spray the prep, fix & refresh on your body to add a subtle glow and soothing hydration to your skin. 

3. Let it set 💋

Spritz the setting spray as the final step in your routine to keep your look flawless the entire day (and night). Thanks to the skin-caring ingredients in the mists, your skin will stay hydrated. 

4. Time to hit refresh 

When your makeup starts to feel dull and dry, "Prep, fix & refresh" is all you need. The mist is super fine and goes on evenly, so you don't have to worry about large droplets ruining your look. The cooling formula instantly perks up your skin, the perfect pick-me-up 💥💦

5. The brush hack 👀 

- Get a more intense and long-lasting eye look with this hack. Use a shadow from our palettes made for wet and dry use. Dip your brush in our Long-Lasting Setting Spray and apply it as an eyeliner or eyeshadow to your eyelid. 

- You can use the same hack with your concealer. Spritz some setting spray on your concealer brush before application to secure the coverage you want. 

Hope you got some new inspiration on how to use our two new setting sprays. Make sure to check out our setting spray bundle for you to try both and find your favourite one or combo 💋


LH cosmetics team