Apr 13, 2022

How to get that flawless, shine-free finish

How to get that flawless, shine-free finish

Want a matte makeup look and struggling to keep the shine away? We’ve got you 💋

First of all, you need to cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate your skin - the only way to really get long-lasting looks. After your skincare steps, you can achieve a matte look for your skin, eyes, and lips with the right technique and products. Here are our best tips to keep the matte finish last longer.

Prime time

A good primer is the best way to prevent  oily skin and shine in the wrong places. Our latest launch, Matte Attack, is a must-have if that's your struggle. Apply by gently dabbing a small amount on bare skin as the first step of your routine, or on top of your makeup, until you reach the desired effect. 💥

Bye-bye creases 👋

If you’re sooo over creases on your eyelids, you need to prep your eye makeup with a good base. Dab our Til The End Eyeshadow Primer on your eyelids before applying eyeshadow and your look will stay crease-free for hours and hours. If you have very oily skin you can also multi-use this product as a primer all over your face. 🔥

Do not let it shine 🙅‍♀️

The secret to a shine-free night out? A blotting powder in your bag, to matte things down whenever needed. Our Blotting Powder is a must-have, both blurring and mattifying ✨ It comes super handy with a mirror and powder puff for easy application on the go, perfect for those warmer days ahead. You can also use it on bare skin, the formula is enriched with Hyaluronic acid, so it will keep your skin hydrated too.

Matte lips, darling 

We absolutely love matte lips 💋 Our best tip to make them stay matte longer is to use the Blotting powder on top of your lipstick, which will also prevent color bleeding.

Always set your look

Don't forget a setting spray to seal your look and make it last the whole day (and night, duhhh) 💃

Last but not least… 👀

Don't forget to check out our exclusive launch offer - the Matte attack and Blotting powder duo. The perfect products to eliminate any unwanted shine and oiliness. Offer is limited  so don't wait too long - go get them now. 🙌✨


LH cosmetics team