On set Long-Lasting and Prep, fix & refresh Setting sprays.

Long-Lasting setting spray
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Prep, fix & refresh setting spray
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Setting spray duo | Bundle Deal
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”As a makeup artist working on set, I’ve always looked for the perfect setting sprays and now we’ve finally created them ourselves. These two sprays do exactly what the names entail and I love that we’ve also incorporated skin caring ingredients. Here they are, the ultimate multi-use mists.”  - Linda Hallberg

On set long-lasting setting spray
Long lasting keeps the makeup flawless the entire day (and night) without feeling stiff, dry or tight on the skin. “I’ve never before tried a setting spray that keeps my makeup on for so long.” - Linda Hallberg
Hydrating properties
Aloe vera
Blue light protection
On set - prep, fix and refresh
The perfect mist to refresh your skin during long days. It has a cooling effect and gives a subtle glow to make your skin feel and look its best. “I use it as a primer to set my makeup and to refresh my skin throughout the day.” - Linda Hallberg
Antioxidants and hydrating properties
Aloe vera
Blue light protection
Glowy finish