Meet the team

Our success is based on hard, persistent and determined work. Delivering high quality products to our customer is always our main focus. Our main goal is to inspire people to be free in their expression with or without makeup. 

We have fun together and have a strong culture of everyone being involved and influencing. The team's ideas and own initiatives are not only welcome but a prerequisite for us as a company to continue to drive development in the industry.

Meet our stars and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or just want to talk about beauty - we are good at that. 

Linda Hallberg
CD & Product development 

Mood manager 

Linda Hellqvist

Jenny Nyré
Head of Product development

Hanna Sandström
Product development

Danya Gebremedhin
Product development

Rebecka Leirup
Marketing & PR

Melina Alm
Marketing coordinator

Evangeline Cartriers

Amanda Björklund 

Moa Engman
Content & Copy

Elin Björkman Larsson
Social Media

Karolina Smirnova

Jeanette van Reis
Senior advisor

Elliot Bagge

Sara Strand

Johan Engström

Is this you?
Email us at if you think you’d be the perfect fit for our team.