Our Story

LH Cosmetics is developed by makeup artist and digital influencer Linda Hallberg.

Art, shapes and colors have always caught her eye which sparked an interest for makeup at a young age. After years spent working in the beauty industry and with social media she started to see new needs for a certain type of products, more exactly multi-use products.

People were using lipsticks as lipsticks, and eyeshadows as eyeshadows. What she wanted to do was to develop a multi-use brand where the colors were only colors, and nothing else.

We are multifunctional.

We are bound to no rules.

We want you to be able to use your creativity and play around with colors without being restrained by a product that is meant for one thing. All our products are therefore safe to use on eyes, lips, cheeks and body. Wet and dry. And the products have not been tested on animals.

We want you to create your own rules…

and give you the products you need to test the limits of your creativity. Linda Hallberg is all about creativity and fun.

We don’t put a label on products, we don’t put a label on you.