Eyelash curler refills

Eyelash curler refills

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The BFF of your Eyes wide open eyelash curler. Maximize the effect of your curler by keeping the silicon pad fresh and bouncy.

100% VEGAN and Cruelty free. Designed in Sweden. Made in China.  

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Two additional silicone pads to use with Eyes wide open eyelash curler when it’s time to change, as recommended every few months. Choose between orange or black.

Remove the current pad when it starts to get worn down, usually every few months, and exchange it with the new one. Clean the silicon pads with water and regular soap when needed.

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People were using lipsticks as lipsticks, eyeshadows as eyeshadows. We create multi-use products where colors are just colors to give you the freedom to create.

100% vegan & cruelty free

We strive to deliver the best possible products while staying true to our values. We do not test on animals and we only use vegan ingredients.

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