May 25, 2021

Blotting Powder vs Infinity Filter

Blotting Powder vs Infinity Filter

You ask - We answer

A lot of you have asked us about the difference between Infinity filter and Blotting Powder. At first they might seem very much alike but they are two different products with different purposes. 

Let us put up a scenario. You are looking yourself in the mirror and discover that you are oily and shiny in places you don’t want to be. You then wonder what happened as you looked flawless just a while ago. Can you relate? This is were our Blotting Powder comes in and works its magic. Blotting Powder’s main purpose is to absorbs excess oil and shine. It is the perfect touch up product to have in your bag whenever you need to mattify oily parts on your face. The powder comes with our best-selling puff for easy application on the go. Sounds good right? 

Infinity filter on the other hand, is more of a setting powder. We call it “a live instagram filter” as it erases all traces of complexions & gives the skin a beautiful soft-blurring effect without dehydrating it. Infinity filter has a touch of pigment and comes in three different shades, while Blotting Powder is translucent. Infinity Filter suits anyone with dry to normal or combination skin. 
If you’ve tried any of the products, may we suggest that you share a review and help our community out in picking the right product and shade. Because sharing is caring, right ❤️
Team LH cosmetics