Feb 1, 2023

8 looks to try for Valentine's day

Makeup looks for Valentine's day

Valentine's day is all about celebrating love and what is more important than SELF love? Go ahead and spoil yourself by doing the things that make you feel good. If you’re anything like us, being creative is by far the best feeling 💗


So let's get creative for Valentine's day and glam ourselves up with pink, shimmery eyeshadow, graphic red liner or bold lips. Keep scrolling to find 8 looks to try for Valentine's day. 

1. Classic look with a twist

A winged eyeliner paired with a red lip must be one of the most classic looks for a date night. To spice it up, change your regular black eyeliner to our Anger mood crayon and you'll have a classic look with a modern twist. To complete the look, swipe Infinity highligter on your eyelid and add brow gel to frame your eyes. 

2. Flushed berry cheeks

Nothing awakens and enhances your natural beauty like flushed cheeks. Dab on our Fantastick in the shade Garnet for a dewy result and set it with Duo dimension in the shade Element. Finish the look with a berry pink lip using our latest addition to our crayons family, Nugget. 

3. Pink shimmer

Valentine's day is the perfect excuse to put on some pink shimmery eyeshadow. To create this dreamy Hailey Bieber look, use the shade "Love" from shimmer saga on your entire eyelid and pair it with a pink glossy lip using our Infinity lip gloss. 

4. Pastel dream

We love a good pastel look, it really gives your eyes the attention they deserve. To make the pastel colors pop even more, use our white crayon underneath the eyeshadow. 

5. Shades of pink

What is more romantic than makeup in different shades of pink? Blomma palette conditions of natural earthy shades, rosy floral tones and dramatic, deeper colors which makes it the ultimate palette for all types of pink looks. 

6. Monochromatic Pink

Wearing the same color on cheeks and lips gives an overall natural and balanced look. The easiest way to create a monochrome look is to use the same product for eyes, lips and cheeks. If you haven't tried velvet couture, this is your cue.

7. Dramatic lips

Let your lips be the star of the show and go for a bright lipstick. This past season fuchsia pink has been seen everywhere and it seems like it's not going anywhere. If you want to hop on the trend, try our Fantastick in the shade pop. 

8. Pop of color

Love color but not sure how to make it fly or include it in your makeup routine? Dab eyeshadow in your inner corner and you're good to go.