LH cosmetics

LH cosmetics is the passion child of renowned makeup artist and influencer Linda Hallberg.

“People were using lipsticks as lipsticks, eyeshadows as eyeshadows and so forth. I found these ”rules” somewhat limiting and wanted to create a beauty company that better reflects my perspective on makeup, that it’s simply color and meant to be fun.” - Linda Hallberg

At LH cosmetics, we’re on a mission to develop a multi-use brand, free from limitations. We are bound to no rules and neither should you be. We simply want you to be able to use your creativity and play around. 

We love to play but make no mistake, we’re dead serious about makeup and never compromise on quality. A makeup artist never will. 

Our products are all vegan and have never been tested on animals. Obviously.

We are bound to no rules, and neither should you.