Meet the founder

Linda Hallberg is a certified and working makeup artist and hair stylist since 2008. She is based in Stockholm, Sweden but is originally from the small town of Sölvesborg in southern Sweden.

Her deep passion for colors and shapes has brought her to where she is today, with over a million followers on her social media channels, inspired by her playfulness and creativity. Linda has worked and collaborated with some of the biggest brands around the world, with Sweden's biggest celebreties and has been published in magazines such as vogue Italy. Vogue Scandinavia recently even named her ”the pigment goddess” and we can but only agree.

Linda started her makeup adventure 18 years old, living in a mobile home with no running water, outside of Stockholm in 2007. A challenge that sparked her creativity when she was forced to flip every coin, which she was ashamed of then, but very grateful for today.

During her years as a freelancing makeup artist she slowly realized the lack of multi-use products, products that were safe to use on multiple areas. Also, there were too many ”rules” to follow that she couldn’t identify with in the makeup industry. So, years later she decided to start her own brand and give it a go.

LH cosmetics was born out of true passion for colors and to include everyone that wanted to wear makeup the way they wanted without being judged. No rules, no right nor wrong. With LH cosmetics Linda wanted to change the way people see makeup, and make it more playful and fun.

Besides working full time with LH cosmetics and social media, Linda is still freelancing as a makeup artist. With almost 14 years of working in the industry, she is still as passionate about her job and her main goal is to inspire as many people as she can with her art and way of looking at makeup. To her, every face is a new beautiful canvas to get inspired by.

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