Jan 26, 2022

Makeup trends spring/summer 2022

Makeup trends spring/summer 2022

Even if it's still winter season up here in the north, we just can't wait for spring and summer makeup. We have scouted the internet, looked near and far, gone through Instagram, SS/22 fashion shows and TikTok to gather the trends that will rule this season. For 2022 it's all about self expression, glitter and colors (just as we like it). However, the natural and minimalistic trend from last year will be following us into this year as well. That said, there is something for everyone this upcoming season.

1. Glitter, glitter and more glitter

If you followed the fashion shows for SS22 you could quickly see a pattern -  glitter. This season we want to drizzle our face in both glitter and rhinestones and to be honest season 2 of Euphoria didn't get us less glitter-obsessed ✨✨✨✨

Product recommendation - Interstellar. It's the easiest way to add glitter to any look. Use it on its own or mix it with Infinity glass for a glittery gloss. Wear it on your face, hair and body, the more the merrier.

2. Double winged eyeliner

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Because two is better than one 😉  Double winged eyeliner makes your look go from basic to wow in just a swipe. Do a classic black and white or why not go full on wit a bright neon liner.

Product recommendation - Crayons. Our crayons come in 30 different shades so go crazy with colors or stick to the neutrals, only your imagination sets the limit. 

3. Bold blush

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If you're like us and can't stop watching makeup videos on TikTok you've probably already seen that blush is a hot topic. This season we let blush take the main stage appearing more bold than ever. For a trendy but balanced look use the same shade on cheeks and eyes. 

Product recommendation - Majestick. Our Majesticks are buildable so just add as much pigment as you want. The product is ofc multi-use so don't be afraid to use it on lips and eyes as well. 

4. Blurred lips

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One of this season's hottest trend is blurred lips. Now you might wonder what that is. Unlike the "perfect" defined lips we're used to seeing, blurred lips are less clear-cut. It has a more vibrant inner ring, and it looks as you’ve dabbed on a pigment using just your fingers. 

Product recommendation - Velvet Couture. How to pull off the blurred lips: Just simply dab the lipstick on the center of your lip using your fingers. The whole idea is that it doesn't have to be perfect.

5. Glow obsession

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Glowy and fresh skin is often something we are looking for during spring and summer and with that said, it doesn't look like the glow trend is going anywhere.

Product recommendation - Infinity GlassOur dream product for the ultimate glow ✨  Use it as primer, highlighter, lip gloss, mixed with your foundation or on top of any eye makeup for a wet look.