May 20, 2021

What is flashback and how do you prevent it?

What is flashback and how do you prevent it?
We have all seen these kinds of photos where celebrities look like they have been baking cookies just before stepping out on the red carpet. So what happened? Well, let us tell you everything you need to know about flashback effect!

What is flashback?
Have you ever taken a selfie and wondered why your face was white when it didn’t look like that in the mirror? The answer is flashback! Flashback happens when you use products that contain light reflecting ingredients. These ingredients reflect the light from the camera flash which causes the white floury look. One such ingredient would be silica, commonly used in powder.

How do you prevent it?
Use a product without light reflecting ingredients. Our Blotting Powder is the world’s first pressed powder with Upsalite®, which keeps you face oil and shine free and even prevents flashback. With this powder you will simply never ruin a good photo moment again. You’re welcome. 😉