Just in time for Valentine's Day, this collection is a celebration of love and beauty. A trinity of your all-time favorite products, in new pink hues. Let us present Shaping light Rose glow, Fantastick Rosa, and Crayon Soft. Versatile, vegan, and utterly irresistible - let this collection become the heartbeat of your beauty routine.

Shaping light rose glow
Our community has been asking for a pink hue in our shaping light collection, and we're excited to deliver. The perfect quick fix for a radiant finish. Whether applied as a highlighter or blush, this product promises to add a luminous touch to your cheeks.
Fantastick Rosa
Our best selling multi-use stick in the most perfect cool toned pink. Fantastick Rosa has it all, it's hydrating, moisturizing, protecting (SPF15) for both lips and cheeks 💘
Crayon Soft
Our cherished crayon in a soft pink. The formula embodies everything you adore – waterproof, lightweight, and flexible, ensuring it remains steadfast and comfortable throughout the entire day. Use for lips, eyes, cheeks, brows, and even the body.