Meet Crayon lipliner

The newest member of our multi-use crayon family

”Painting and drawing has always been one of my biggest passions in life. As a little girl I painted on canvases, now I paint faces. I’m so proud to introduce this extension of our Crayon family, with a brand new formula.” –Linda Hallberg 

A lined loyalty that glides super-smooth, is creamy and has a soft and easy texture. The Crayon is waterproof with a lightweight flexible formula that stays intact and comfortable throughout the day. Line your lips or fill them in with any of the five pigmented shades.

Dusty pink

Dirty pink with a hint of peach. Warm undertone.

Mellow mauve

Light pink-beige with a hint of peach. Warm undertone.


Rusty red with a hint of pink. Neutral undertone.

Rosy Nougat

Beige-pink. Neutral undertone.


Hazel brown. Warm undertone.