Matte attack

A life saver for oily skin

Following the success of last year's launch of Blotting powder, we’ve developed another superhero. Matte attack does exactly what the name suggests, a true multi-use product that attacks the oily parts of your face, removing oiliness and leaving a soft finish.

"Matte attack keeps my face shine free for hours and hours, it’s incredible and you only need the tiniest amount. It gives the impression of smaller pores and fine lines. The super oily younger me would have screamed for a product like this. The oily me today is LOVING it to pieces." - Linda Hallberg

Oily skin life saver

If you struggle with skin that gets oily and too shiny, Matte attack is a must-have for you. It’s formulated with 100% vegan ingredients that quickly mattify your skin, removing the oiliness and helps you gain control over your makeup.

Blurs skin

Besides leaving a matte finish, Matte attack really blurs your pores, softens fine lines, and smooths the skin. It's like a real-life blurring filter.

Hydrating ingredients

Even though the product leaves a matte finish, it doesn’t dry out the skin. Matte attack is infused with chestnut oil which hydrates the skin whilst having soothing and skin structure repairing benefits.