7 years in the making

”Painting and drawing has always been one of my biggest passions in life. As a little girl I painted paper canvases, now I paint faces”.
- Linda Hallberg

After years of working as a makeup artist, Linda saw a gap in the market and decided to create her own dream products and share them with the world. Her philosophy has always been that makeup is a mean to express ourselves, different styles or emotions, rather than to be pretty. So after years of planning, testing, designing, laughing and crying, October 6th 2016 marks the day of launching LH cosmetics with a bang. 

Tons of people have been part of forming the company over the years and every single one of them have shaped LH cosmetics to what it is today. From two to well over a 100 products, from one to around twenty employees, from zero to millions in turnover - what a journey we are on. And even though a lot has changed in our first seven years, the core has remained the same - Vegan and cruelty free multi-use products that are bound to no rules. 

You are the creator ❤️

October 6th 2016

Opening Party

After a lot of hard work we finally launched our very first products, the award winning Infinity Palette and a set of eight brushes. The idea behind the Infinity palette, was Linda wanting vegan multi-use products that were bound to no rules. She wanted to create something that both professional MUA’s and beginners would appreciated and love ❤️
May 2017

We ❤️ Crayons

We now launched our first set of crayons. The crayons were immediately a huge success and have since won several awards 🏆. Today we have 25 different shades and who knows, there might be more to come... 😉
August 2017

Finally in stores

August 2017 we reached a big milestone and launched our products at Kicks and thereby in physical stores. "I still have to pinch my arm every time I see our products in store or whenever I see someone using them” - Linda Hallberg. Since then, twelve other retailers have joined, most recently Harrods 🇬🇧.
August 2021

MUA favorite

Superstar Salma Hayek was spotted on the cover of Vouge India, all glammed up with our Atria flash crayon. The person behind the stunning look was the one and only Nikki Wolf. We always get so proud when talented MUA’s around the world use our products 💖
October 6th 2021

Five years

Celebrating our 5th birthday 🥳. This journey has truly been a dream come true and we're so excited for what the future holds. We also want to take the opportunity to thank you for all the love and support. You are the best ❤️