Dec 14, 2021

6 ways to make your makeup last all night

6 ways to make your makeup last all night


The countdown to 2022 has officially begun. New years eve is one of those nights when we want to look our best, unfortunately long nights often result in fading makeup and smudged lipstick. We've put together a few tips and tricks so when you finally kiss goodbye to 2021, you will look just as fabulous as when you arrived at the party 🥂🎆. 

To start, we‘ve put together an all-night bundle with all the products you need for a flawless long-lasting new years makeup. Find the bundle here. 

#1 Prep your skin 

Your skincare routine a crucial step for a flawless, long-lasting makeup. If we exfoliate, cleanse and moisturize our skin regularly the makeup will be more even and last way longer.  

#2 Prime time 

The key to a long lasting look, is good groundwork. A primer will not only help your makeup last longer, it will also blur out pores and fine lines. If you have dry skin and want a glowy finish, use our Infinity glass as a primer or mix it with your foundation, we promise you it's a game changer. Don't forget to use eyeshadow primer and lip primer as well. We will let the pictures below speak for themselves. 


#3 Layer your cream products with powder products 

If you are using cream or liquid products, don't forget to set them with powder products. If you are using a liquid foundation, set it with a setting powder and if you‘re rocking an eyeliner or using cream eyeshadow, set it with a matching powder shadow. Trust us, a game changer when it comes to a long lasting makeup. 

#4 Apply your lipstick like a pro 

To get a good base for your lipstick, always prime your lips with lip primer. Then continue by lining your lips with a lip liner before applying lipstick. For an extra long-lasting result, apply the lip liner all over the lips, then apply your favorite lipstick on top. This will keep the lipstick looking fabulous even after the clock strikes midnight. Find more MUA tips on how to apply your lipstick like a pro here.

#5 Setting spray 

The last step before leaving for your new years celebration is to use a setting spray. This will "lock your makeup" and hold everything in place. Use our H2glow spray for a glowy and fresh look. 

#6 Bring a few products to the party 

Two products that we recommend to have close at hand are lipstick and Blotting Powder. Blotting Powder is truly a must for long days and nights, it's the perfect touch up product for shine control and as a bonus, it has zero flashback. You don't want to ruin the last photos of 2021 by looking like a ghost 👻. 

Wishing you a happy new year and a fabulous long-lasting makeup. 


LH cosmetics team