Nov 5, 2021

Apply your lipstick like a pro 💋

Apply your lipstick like a pro 💋

 It's no news that a lipstick seals the deal to your makeup and that a look is never fully complete without a luminous little touch to your lips. Lipstick is one of the most essential fashion accessories and it's also a quick “go-to” when you want to pull your look together. Let LH cosmetics guide you, step-by-step, with simple ways to apply your lipstick perfectly!

To achieve the perfect pout and the result you're looking for, we got some tips for a glam look that lasts all day. 

Step 1: Preparation

As usual, preparations is key. To get a smooth base, exfoliation is the answer. It removes dead skin cells which reveals fresh and smooth skin beneath. Remember to exfoliate gently, don't scrub, irritate or break the skin 💕. 

Step 2: Prime time

For a long lasting result that lasts throughout the day, start with our Ultimate Lips Lip Primer for an even base and to increase the longevity of your lip. Apply it either on the entire lip or just on the lip line to avoid any bleeding and to get a nicer fade during the day. Let dry for a few seconds before applying the lip liner. 

Step 3: Lip liner 💋

Besides defining your lip shape, a lip liner also prevents the lipstick from "bleeding". Remember to always use a good sharpener, we promise you it really makes the whole difference. Want to know how to apply lip liner? Watch this video created by Linda. 

Step 4: Finally, time for lipstick 💄

Apply the lipstick of your choice, and if you haven't already, we strongly recommend you to try our newcomer to the lipstick family – Majestick. We promise you won't be disappointed. When applying your lipstick we suggest that you use Precision Brush to make that lip line nice and sharp. Using a brush will also make it easier to decide how much pay-off you'll get. If you rather have a smooth and softer lip line, apply the lipstick in the middle of the lips and blend it with your fingertip. 

Step 5: Seal the deal ❤️‍🔥

Finish the lip with Blotting Powder or Infinity Filter on top to seal the lip color. For long-lasting lips it's all about thin layers so repeat step 4 and 5 again if you really want it to last all day. Might seem weird but it works. 

MUA tips and tricks:

For the look of fuller lips: To achieve the look of fuller lips, define your natural lip line with a slightly darker lip pencil or lipstick and then use a lighter lipstick in the middle of the lips.  If you want that extra pouty look, apply a shiny gloss on top. One of Lindas favorite combos for a fuller lip is our lip crayon cherry together with Infinity lip gloss dusty rose

For the look of thinner/smaller lips: If you wish for the look of thinner lips, use a darker color on the lipstick than your natural lip color. Apply the lipstick in the middle of your lips and fade it either with your fingertip or with a brush.

Find your perfect shade: Don't be afraid to mix different lipstick shades. Have fun with it and perhaps you will find your oen unique shade. 

Correct mistakes: Everybody makes mistakes and sometimes it can be very difficult to get straight and sharp lines. But have no fear, use our precision brush and clean up the areas outside the lip line with concealer. 

Hope you like this little guide 💋


LH cosmetics team