27 juni 2021

Game changing eyeliner tips for hooded eyes

Game changing eyeliner tips for hooded eyes

This video is for all you beautiful people with hooded eyes. Eyeliner on hooded eyes are a bit trickier than on other eye shapes but we can assure you that this technique will do the trick.  

#1 Priming is key 

Hooded eyes tend to smudge your eye makeup, so priming is key. In the video, Linda used Till the end eyeshadow primer. To set the primer, Linda applied Blotting Powder with a Blending brush. We promise that this little trick will make all the difference.

#2 It's time to wing it

Look straight forward and apply the liner following the lower lash line. Following your own lash line will make it a lot easier to get the same shape on both eyes. Avoid covering the whole eyelid with the liner if you don't want your eye to look smaller and heavier. In the video, Linda used Atria flash crayon. This is a great color that compliments all eye colors well, so if you’re tired of the regular black, grey or brown eyeliner - give it a shot.

#3 Time for the trick 

Time for the hooded eye trick. Look straight forward and try to find your own crease. It's best to have your eyes open, otherwise it can be difficult to find it. Then, follow your crease with the eyeliner. Last step is to blend it out towards the middle of the eye creating a little batwing 🦇. In the video Linda is using our Blending brush 304

#4 Have fun with it 

Last advice, don't be afraid to try different techniques and eyeliners, you might find something that really works on you. The best way to learn is to simply try. 

Hope you like this little tips and tricks guide. Find more eyeliner inspiration here. Let us know how it goes and tag us in your photo when you have tried it 📸


Team LH cosmetics